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Sweet Morning Dew Tea, Sweet Scent And Taste Given By Nature

Sweet Morning Dew Tea

Sweet scent and taste given by nature
hydrangea leaf is natural sweetness that doesn't fatten the people 

Nature cares for people to taste various things. 
There are many oriental teas to enjoy sweetness without any concern, 
but there are reasons why IDO has chosen hydrangea leaf. 
Compare with before, there are more people to reduce blood sugar now.
 Furthermore, hydrangea leaf has anti-bacterial effect within oral cavity area 
with great antioxidant effect, which makes this ingredient even more attractive. 
It has fresh and sweet feeling like dew of dawn rolls on the blade of grass, 
when we drink. Hydrangea leaf's sweetness increases through active enzyme process.  


1. After Grinding The Hydrangea Leaf

We collect and use only the naturally grown hydrangea leaf of higher grounds of Gangwon Province. All the leaves are collected one by one with hands, washing them repeatedly and cut into appropriate sizes.

Hydrangea leaf is sweeter and softer because it has process of fixation and rubbing right after when it gets collected.  

2. After fermenting the hydrangea leaf

Repeating the steaming and drying process, than applies microorganism, than it goes through scientific and hygienic fermentation process. 
In the fermentation process, it's scent is marvelous, the natural process of microorganism's vitality, temperature and moistures perfect harmony.

By dissolving hydrangea leaf's cell elements and microorganism's enzyme process, it's raw taste is reduced and sweetness is increased which makes better to drink. 

3. Fermented hydrangea leaf after aging and far-infrared ray pan firing is done.

Fermented hydrangea leaf tea is made with fermented hydrangea leaf that is re-aged and well pan fired with far-infrared ray. 

The secret of deep taste and scent, just with 1 gram of product.
We put so much hard effort and clean procedures, hydrangea leaf's positive sides are emphasized, softer, more mature fermented tea with elegance is produced.

We use hydrangea leaf, also known as sweet dew that grows naturally in Gangwon Province's clean mountain area. It is a non-sweet sweet source, which has high oral cavity anti-bacterial, antioxidant effect, just like xylitol, as natural sweetness, it has very sweet and clean taste, which made it called as sweet morning dew tea.Since it is sweet yet doesn't get absorbed, you can drink without worrying to be fat. And according to the research, it has good effects on throat. 

It is different kind from commonly grown at home hydrangea leaf so it is necessary to check if it is scientifically correct hydrangea leaf before drinking.
You can use for multi reasons for sweetening instead of using sugar. Children enjoys it too when its mixed with other types of tea. 

We collect hydrangea leaf one by one with hands, dry, ferment and age them.


Hydrangea Leaf 100% (Korean)

Hydrangea leaf is also called as sweet dew.
This hydrangea leaf different plant from what we grow in home for an ornamental plant,it is naturally growing hydrangea leaf in the mountains of Gangwon Province.

It's sweetness is almost hundreds times of sugar although it is non-sugar source of sugar. And phyllodulcin component does not absorbed as calories for human body, which is known for its anti bacterial effect in mouth.
Hydrangea leaf is natural sweetener that draws attention as functional ingredient.

When IDO uses hydrangea leaf as tea ingredient, we collect them one by one with hands, and uses only leaves that went through short enzyme process and pan fried with far-infrared ray. Because it is when it has the most highest hormonal components.  

Hydrangea leaf is the great ingredient that makes tea sweet and attractive.

Ways to Enjoy IDO's Fermented Tea

1. Put 1 gram of tea product in filtered tea pot and brew more than a minute with hot water (80 ~90℃) 300ml (Use the measuring spoon in the package, put 1 small scoop)  
2. Can use coffee maker to brew
3. During summer, you can serve chilled
4. Like water, drink all day through
5. Can be enjoyed by children (no caffeine)

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