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Kudzu Tea, It is Good For Blood Circulation.

Kudzu Tea

Like the Kudzu root's strong drilling power and spreading 
widely in the deep and rough soil. 

100% healthy kudzu root

The attractive IDO kudzu root tea is marvelous at pumping through the body,
clearing blood vessels and helping stimulation, 
which men and women should pay attention to.

This tea has rich vegetable estrogen and unblocks 
even minor parts to help hang over, 
improve skin condition and moistures dried heel.

Now take care of your spouses together.


1. When first kudzu root comes in 

We wash, dry and cut kudzu root that grows all over the beautiful mountain area of Korea. The kudzu root is tasty to just chew but its hard to ferment it and make a tea due to its large fiber components and kudzu root starch. 
However, we ferment it to see entirely different taste and functional improvements compare with raw kudzu root juice or boiled kudzu root.  

2. After fermenting Kudzu root

It's difficult but we repeat the steaming and dehydrating process, before applying microorganism. Than it goes through scientific and hygienic fermentation process. 

In the fermentation process, it's scent become marvelous, the natural process of microorganism's vitality, temperature and moisture perfect harmony... 

The fermented kudzu root after breaking big particles and enzyme process is done.

3. Fermented kudzu root after aging and far-infrared ray pan firing is done.

Fermented kudzu root tea is made with fermented kudzu root that is re-aged and well pan fired with far-infrared ray. 

The secret of deep taste and scent, just with 1 gram of product.
We put so much hard effort and clean procedures, so that some customers even question if its real kudzu root tea, kudzu root's positive sides are emphasized, softer, more mature fermented tea with elegance is produced.

This tea uses kudzu root, which is already famous in Korea for its great hangover caring effect, that has changed into new shape. 
Fermented kudzu root tea is fit for exhausted fathers who drinks a lot and good for mothers who are going through menopause. For women, this tea improves skin condition, and its the tea for all family members with its blood vessel cleaning effect.
The appropriate scientific fermentation process that is accommodated to complicated structure of kudzu root, it increases total phenol and flavonoid and its extraction rate, that allows comfort and tranquility for the day. Can be consumed for a month and a half for a single pack.     


Kudzu Root 100% (Korean)

Kudzu is called as the root of an arrowroot.
 Wise ancestors has already assumed the Kudzu's effect by observing it's vine powerfully drilling through barren soil.
The overgrowing shape of entangled kudzu vine reminds complicated human blood vessel. 
Kudzu is known for its high vegetable estrogens, and already there are numerous researches that it has effective hang over relieving components.
Good effect of kudzu root is well known so people used to drink it as juice by squeezing roots. However, if it is processed with IDO's fermentation, it's starch component is emphasized and good components are turned into lower class particles that brightens its good soft taste and effects.
Fermented kudzu tea can be drank like soda which kids can enjoy, since it has reborn as soft and sweet fermented tea through IDO’s one fermentation process.

Ways to Enjoy IDO's Fermented Tea

1. Put 1 gram of tea product in filtered tea pot and brew more than a minute with hot water (80 ~90℃) 300ml (Use the measuring spoon in the package, put 1 small scoop)  
2. Can use coffee maker to brew
3. During summer, you can serve chilled
4. Like water, drink all day through
5. Can be enjoyed by children (no caffeine)

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