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Jeju Tangerine Peel Tea, It Gives You The Inneer Warmth.

Jeju Tangerine Peel Tea

The new evolution of Jeju organic tangerine peel, 
it gives you the inner warmth.

100% Jeju Island's organic tangerine peel. 

IDO's charming fermented tea jeju tangerine peel tea takes main role 
as keeping the body warm, calm and stimulating good metabolism. 
The tangerine peel tea will successfully appease the inner body 
when we are suffering with overeating, irregular eating and stress.

1. When Tangerine Peel first comes in

Jeju Island's organic tangerine farm, Jeju Ahjeossi farm. 

Devotion, interest and scientific organic agricultural system grows organic tangerines, and we use only those organically grown tangerine peels. When tangerine peel first come in, it looks like this. We sorts them out one by one with hands and grinds.

2. After Fermenting Tangerine Peel 

Repeating the steaming and drying process, than applies microorganism, than it goes through scientific and hygienic fermentation process. The natural process of microorganism's vitality, temperature and moistures perfect harmony...

And again, it goes through long time of fermentation. It is a procedure that brews hidden deep tastes.

3. Fermented Tangerine Peel after aging and far-infrared ray pan firing is done. 

Fermented tangerine peel tea is made with fermented tangerine peel that is re-aged and well pan fired with far-infrared ray. 
The secret of deep taste and scent, just with 1 gram of product. 
With such hard efforts and procedures, softer, more mature fermented tea with elegance is produced.

We have changed the tangerine peel that has been used as herb therapy not only in Jeju Island but also rest of the world into oriental fermented tea.
Especially effective at getting rid of wastes in the body. 

With fermentation process, tangerine peel's quantity of total phenol and flavonoid components and extraction rate become higher. Although the tangerine scent may have been reduced, deeper taste and scent grants you more comfort and calmer day.     


Tangerine Peel 100% (Korean, Organic)

Only Jeju Island's organically grown tangerine peel is used.

On it's peel, it contains more components than pulps. It is widely known for accelerating digestion and cleaning the waste in body. There are tons of eastern and western researches that already proving tangerine peel's potential.

IDO was verified it's anti-obesity effect through joint research and development with Daegu Oriental Medicine University. Traditionally, aged tangerine peel is known as more effective. Moreover, IDO’s fermentation process allows aged dried tangerine peel’s advantage while microbial enzyme process makes its components be more smoothly absorbed to human body.

Normally, people just dry and boil it to drink it, while IDO’s tangerine peels goes through fermentation and aging process just like other medicinal ingredients. Therefore, although when it's brewed in coffee maker, it has strong tangerine scent and can becomes new fermented tea that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Ways to Enjoy IDO's Fermented Tea

1. Put 1 gram of tea product in filtered tea pot and brew more than a minute with hot water (80 ~90℃) 300ml (Use the measuring spoon in the package, put 1 small scoop)  
2. Can use coffee maker to brew
3. During summer, you can serve chilled
4. Like water, drink all day through
5. Can be enjoyed by children (no caffeine)

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