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Bamboo Tea, Your Mind Will Calm Down As If You Are Walking In The Bamboo Forest.

Bamboo Leaf Tea

Heal our tried mind
Your mind will calm down as if you are walking in the bamboo forest.

Fermented bamboo leaf tea is recommended to modern people 
who is exhausted with mental energy. 
Whenever we feel mentally tired, most of us consumes energy drinks and caffeine tea,
but these types of drinks can't help tired brains of ours.
It's like forcing our body system to work with medications.
When mind is tired and exhausted, it is best to rest.
Is there anything better than having a conversation with good acquaintance 
with a cup of fermented bamboo tea, gazing at its color and enjoying it ?  


1. After grinding  the Bamboo Leaf

We use Gicheong mountain botanical garden's naturally grown bamboo leaf, collecting with hands.
Bamboo's cane is not eatable so only collect leaf one by one with hands, and grind them in right size.
Bamboo's main components are hard to extract if it's just boiled or brewed because it has strong protective elements on its surface of leaf.

2. After fermenting the Bamboo Leaf

Repeating the steaming and drying process, than applies microorganism, than it goes through scientific and hygienic fermentation process. 
The natural process of microorganism's vitality, temperature and moistures perfect harmony... 
By dissolving bamboo leaf's cell elements and microorganism's enzyme process, it's raw taste is reduced and sweetness is increased which makes better to drink. 

3.Fermented bamboo flower after aging and far infrared ray pan firing is done.

Fermented bamboo flower tea is made with fermented lotus flower that is re-aged and well pan fired with far-infrared ray. 
The secret of deep taste and scent, just with 1 gram of product.
As much as our hard effort and procedures are done, bamboo flower's positive sides are emphasized, softer, more mature fermented tea with elegance is produced.

When you walk through the bamboo forest, it calms your breathe down and cleanses body and mind.
The sound of wind scraping the bamboo leaf is like a mother's hand, couple's whisper, calms your tired mind. 
Bamboo leaf's removing heat function is focused on its autonomic nerve system that calms the anger down, body and mind.
The research papers and articles talking about bamboo's medical effect on all different kinds of adult diseases due to overeating, tiredness and high calorie meal are originated from bamboo's effective components.
We use the Forest Administration appointed Gicheong mountain botanical garden's naturally grown big bamboo leaf, collect them one by one with hands, drying, fermenting and aging process follows.


Bamboo Leaf 100% (Korean)

We use Gicheong mountain botanical garden's naturally grown bamboo leaf, collecting with hands.
Bamboo forest is where positive microorganism can grow well, and microorganism that are used for natural agriculture process is also getting them from bamboo forest. 
The well known effect of bamboo leaf components does help body and mind to be purified and calmed down. 
Bamboo leaf tastes stingy and smells to be served raw.

Bamboo leaf's own raw smell and rough taste of protective surface are reborn as tasty, soft and elegant fermented tea with IDO's special fermentation process. 

Ways to Enjoy IDO's Fermented Tea

1. Put 1 gram of tea product in filtered tea pot and brew more than a minute with hot water (80 ~90℃) 300ml (Use the measuring spoon in the package, put 1 large scoop)  
2. Can use coffee maker to brew
3. During summer, you can serve chilled
4. Like water, drink all day through
5. Can be enjoyed by children (no caffeine)

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