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Balloonflower Tea, To breath comfortably and For Health

Balloonflower Tea

Now it's time for fermented balloonflower. 

No more bitter and unpleasant tastes ! 

Fermented balloonflower tea helps provide clean oxygen 
by getting rid of all the wastes that were piled up by air polluted life style.
 It used whole 3 years old strong balloonflower with its crust and available 
for everyone by steaming, fermenting and aging. 
Through fermentation, pungent taste is gone while soft, 
sonorous sweetness remains that is more fit for the body.
 Fermented balloonflower allows cleaner air to enter into the body 
through breathing and helps you to keep clearer mental and skin condition. 

Enjoy forest therapy effect with just a cup of fermented balloonflower tea.    


1. When balloonflower first comes in 

At the soil with good draining, 3 year old balloonflower is cultivated environment friendly.

we wash it well and dries with crust and use it after grinding. 
Balloonflower's medical effect is mostly contained in its crust, which are, saponin , sterol, triterpenoid and platycodin has bitter taste.

2. After fermenting balloonflower.

Repeating the steaming and drying process, Than applies microorganism, Than it goes through scientific and hygienic fermentation process. 

The natural process of microorganism's vitality, temperature and moistures perfect harmony... 
Dissolving the balloonflower's amylase component and microorganism's enzyme process, bitterness decreases and sweetness increases that makes it's better to eat.  

3. Fermented balloonflower after aging and far-infrared ray pan firing is done.

 Fermented balloonflower tea is made with fermented balloonflower that is re-aged and well pan fired with far-infrared ray. 
The secret of deep taste and scent, just with 1 gram of product. 
As much as our hard effort and procedures are done, balloonflower's positive sides are emphasized, softer, more mature fermented tea with elegance is produced.

For ages, our mothers has been feeding their child with balloonflower, boiled or pickled in some honey when they get throat cold. 

Fermented balloonflower tea is the real tea of nature that you can trust for your children and parents. It is recommendable for someone who has trouble with breathing, frequent phlegm & cough or heavy smokers.

The appropriate scientific fermentation process that fits balloonflower's nature helps you intake good components that can be easily absorbed to our body system. Also it increases extraction rate that allows comfort and tranquility for the day. Can be consumed for a month and a half for a single pack.  


Balloonflower 100% (Korean)

In Chinese characters, it is 桔梗, which means luck and change. It changes something into good ways. 
Wish it would change both your body and mind in a good ways. 
The lungs provide clean oxygen through breathing. 
That means without clean oxygen, we will be dull throughout the days. 
Try to clean out the chest that contaminated with polluted air. 
It will refresh your Dry throat, heavy chest and even dull head brightly. 

Ways to Enjoy IDO's Fermented Tea

1. Put 1 gram of tea product in filtered tea pot and brew more than a minute with hot water (80 ~90℃) 300ml (Use the measuring spoon in the package, put 1 small scoop)  
2. Can use coffee maker to brew
3. During summer, you can serve chilled
4. Like water, drink all day through
5. Can be enjoyed by children (no caffeine)

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