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Light Tea, It is Good For Someone With Overweight Problems.

Light Tea 

(3, 10, 30 Teabags)

Specially made for someone with overweight problems.

Soil is better when it's more fat and fertile. 
However body is not. 
This tea will squeeze the fat our of your body.

 3, 10, 30 Teabags

Brew the Tea

                                                                 Materials of Light Tea


1. Tangerine Peel 60% (Korean, Organic)

Only Jeju Island's organically grown tangerine peel is used.

On it's peel, it contains more components than pulps. It is widely known for accelerating digestion and cleaning the waste in body. There are tons of eastern and western researches that already proving tangerine peel's potential.
IDO was verified it's anti-obesity effect through joint research and development with Daegu Oriental Medicine University. Traditionally, aged tangerine peel is known as more effective. Moreover, IDO’s fermentation process allows aged dried tangerine peel’s advantage while microbial enzyme process makes its components be more smoothly absorbed to human body.
Normally, people just dry and boil it to drink it, while IDO’s tangerine peels goes through fermentation and aging process just like other medicinal ingredients. Therefore, although when it's brewed in coffee maker, it has strong tangerine scent and can becomes new fermented tea that can be enjoyed by anyone.

2. Lotus Leaf 40% (Korean, Organic)

It blooms as the most graceful flower and neat leaf in the mud, so wise people must have guessed its detoxification effect.

Lotus leaf's beauty effect was recent discovery for Japan and other developed countries, but IDO already developed fermented lotus leaf tea cause we have noticed on its variety of functions.

Like filtering all the wastes in mud, fermented lotus leaf tea helps circulation and purification of body system.

It was difficult to process it into tasty tea due to its own grass scent and water proof protective layers on its surface.

This also reborns as soft and elegant fermented tea with IDO's special fermentation process. 

"Light Tea, Story Of Its First Birth" 

The main ingredients Tangerine peel and Lotus leaf that are adopted in this tea has variety of functions & components. It grows through number of procedures to change it's strong, raw and tough taste into soft and tasty. 

When we receive ingredients, the first sorting - washing - the second sorting - steaming - fermentation - drying - aging - drying - pan firing - the third sorting - packaging. After all these procedures, it reborns as new feature and taste.

To achieve Light Tea's objective, long time of R&D found fantastic mixing ratio of 60:40 between Tangerine peel and Lotus leaf , it finally packed into triangle shaped tea bag.

Ways to Enjoy IDO's Fermented Tea

1. Brew for more than a minute with hot water (80 ~ 90℃) 300ml~500ml
2. Can use coffee maker to brew
3. During summer, you can serve chilled
4. Like water, drink all day through
5. Can be enjoyed by children (no caffeine)

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