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Good Night Tea, It is Good For Having a Insomnia.

Good Night Tea 

(3, 10, 30 Teabags)

Specially made for someone with insomnia

It is necessary to sleep well & deep in one third of one's life time. 
These days, over 30% of people fails to satisfy its sleeping needs.

Imagine, calm and comfortable night with good cozy sleep, 
just by changing a tea that you drink ! 

3, 10, 30 Teabags

Brew the Tea

Materials of Good Night Tea


1. Polygoni root 60% (Korean-3, 10Teabags, Chinese-30Teabags)

Red polygoni root is kind of knotgrass vine plant, tuberous root type.

Among food companies, sometimes there are products that are white polygoni root based , while the red polygoni root is different from them. It has redish crust and inside when you cut it open. On its cross section, it has unique daisy patterns.

It rarely grows in the mountains of Korea, IDO uses Gicheong mountain botanical garden and Wando Island's polygoni root. There are lack of domestic ingredients so we use China's polygoni root at the moment for 30 teabag product, but soon it is expected to be replaced with domestically grown roots.

Polygoni root has its legend of turning hairs into black. Also known for giving strength to muscle and bones of elders.

When IDO uses polygoni root for the tea, we only uses more than 3 years old polygoni tuberous root, which is bit bitter and hard however with IDO's special fermentation process, it becomes soft and elegant taste fermented tea.

2. Sasa palmata leaf 40% (Korean)

Jeju sasa palmata leaf is special endemic species that only grows in Jeju Island. It grows on the beautiful hillside of Hanra Mountain with spectacular views. 

With widely known effects of bamboo leaves with Jeju sasa palmata leaf's specialty, currently there is an ongoing R&D on Jeju sasa palmata leaf's functional aspects in depth. 

IDO carefully collects Jeju sasa palmata leaves one by one with hands, which grows slightly shorter than men, washes and cuts them for use. 

We have gained the spotlights of the world by developing first fermented Jeju sasa palmata leaf tea. Now at the IDO's tea therapy R&D center, we are keep developing its recipe, focusing on Jeju sasa palmata leaf's functional changes & changes in taste after fermentation. 

Sasapalmata leaf's own raw smell & rough taste of its protectional leaf skin reborns as soft and elegant fermented tea with IDO's special fermentation process.

"Good Night Tea, Story Of Its First Birth" 

The main ingredients Polygoni root and Sasa palmata leaf that are adopted in this tea has variety of functions & components. It grows through number of procedures to change it's strong, raw and tough taste into soft and tasty. 

When we receive ingredients, the first sorting - washing - the second sorting - steaming - fermentation - drying - aging - drying - pan firing - the third sorting - packaging. After all these procedures, it reborns as new feature and taste.

To achieve sleep well's objective, long time of R&D found fantastic mixing ratio of 60:40 between polygoni root and Jeju sasa palmata leaf, it finally packed into triangle shaped tea bag.

Ways to Enjoy IDO's Fermented Tea

1. Brew for more than a minute with hot water (80 ~ 90℃) 300ml~500ml
2. Can use coffee maker to brew
3. During summer, you can serve chilled
4. Like water, drink all day through
5. Can be enjoyed by children (no caffeine)

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